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TPS List Cleaners

All these companies offer TPS cleansing services.

Simunix Ltd
The IT Centre
York Science Park
YO10 5DG

Contact: Mr John Lewis
Tel: 01904 567 763
Email: jhl@simunix.com
Web: www.tpsmanage.com

Unit a
5 Colville Road
W3 8BL

Contact: Mr Vince Costa Barnett
Tel: 0343 005 9302
Email: vince@tpsservices.co.uk - richard@tpsservices.co.uk
Web: www.tpsservices.co.uk

IWT aims to be on the most affordable, easiest to use and most innovative online TPS/CTPS screening facility available. We offer fully automated online 24/7 TPS and CTPS screening together with bureau services and integration with existing applications. Our website is aimed at users wishing to screen between 1 and 1,000,000 numbers against the TPS, CTPS and FPS registers. We also offer free Do Not Call (DNC) list screening at the same time. We also provide TPS registration dates on our screening results.

'Data Locator Group Limited'
The Belfry Business Park
13 Colonial Way
WD24 4WH

Contact: Ms Samantha Pocock
Tel: 01923281701
Email: info@dlg.co.uk
Web: www.dlg-pdv.com

DLG (Data Locator Group Limited) and PDV Ltd (PDV) are Consumer Data Marketing specialists and the UK's largest providers of consumer lifestyle data. We strive to help our clients achieve optimum results from their data-driven marketing through our industry-leading data products and professional services

Data8 Ltd
Unit 4
Venture Point
Stanney Mill Road

Contact: Ms Emmy Lippold
Tel: 0151 3554555
Email: info@data-8.co.uk
Web: www.data-8.co.uk

Part of 3G Telecommunications Limited
Gledhow Mount Mansion
Roxholme Grove

Contact: Mr David Morris
Web: www.tpsunlimited.com

TPS Unlimited provide automated cleaning online at www.tpsunlimited.com. They charge a low fixed fee per month for unlimited lookups and do not charge per lookup. Their cheapest rate is £50 per month for unlimited access to clean lists at a rate of 50 lookups per second.

Tele Prospects Ltd
2nd Floor
Mander Centre, Mander House
West Midlands

Contact: Ms Sue Nelson
Tel: 01902 212489
Email: sue.nelson@tplmedia.co.uk

TalkTalk Business
Opal Telecommunications Plc,Brinell Drive
Northbank Industrial Park
M44 5BL

Contact: Ms Sara Wilson
Tel: 01612222000
Email: enquiries@opaltelecom.co.uk
Web: www.opaltelecom.co.uk

Datagard ensures that evey outbound call is screened at network level against an updated TPS register. Each number is checked automatically as it is dialled - if a match is found the call is blocked and your agent moves onto the next call.Opal will take responsibility for all maintenance and upgrades to your service to give your company complete peace of mind.

Wavenet Ltd
One Central Boulevard
Blythe Valley Park
Blythe Valley Park
B90 8BG

Contact: Mr Bill Dawson
Tel: 01905 388000
Email: bill.dawson@wavenetuk.com
Web: www.wavenetuk.com

CallGard from UK Data IT is an automated TPS and CTPS call screening system which screens the call as you make it. Suitable for all business types from multi-site operations and large call centres to single users, and available on ISDN, SIP, VOIP and analogue lines, it provides a simple and cost effective compliance solution. The system can also support your own Do-not-Call files, so all your screening is done automatically and in one place. CallGard has been trusted by some of the largest telemarketing organisations in the UK since 2000, and has over 10,000 users. UK Data IT also provide data and list cleaning services at highly competitive rates with a one hour turnaround. For details please contact Bill Dawson on 08444 12 7777 bill.dawson@wavenetuk.com

LeadByte Limited
41 Hope Street
Red Hill House

Contact: Mr Anthony Burgin
Tel: 01244 911 207
Email: support@leadbyte.co.uk
Web: www.LeadByte.com

LeadByte is an intelligent Lead Management Platform used by advertisers, agencies and data owners to capture, validate, distribute and automate messaging of internet leads. You can TPS leads in real-time from your sources or use our Verify tool to upload in bulk from CSV.

GB Group Plc

Contact: Mr David Carter
Tel: 07740 910971
Email: David.Carter@gbgplc.com

TDP Marketing
Holton Business Park
Holton St Mary

Contact: Matt Grant
Tel: 0844 56 111 33
Fax: 01473 310 212
Email: m.grant@tdpmarketing.co.uk
Web: www.tdpmarketing.co.uk

With the legalities of holding, sharing and using consumer data constantly changing from the EU, it is paramount that you use fully-opted-in datasets and are compliant when targeting your marketing campaigns. More and more consumers are registering on mail and telephone preference services, and datasets need to be suppressed against these registers every 28 days.The Data Partnership provides this suppression service to ensure that you only make contact with those consumers that are happy to hear from you. In addition to preference services, mortality screening is essential to keep your database up to date and prevent any distress to consumers if a loved one has passed away.

Quartz Data Services Ltd
47 High Ridge road
Hemel Hempstead

Contact: Mr Ian Inman
Tel: 01442 590800
Email: ian@quartzdata.co.uk
Web: www.tpsmydata.co.uk

TPS & CTPS screening made easy. Our fully automated online system is fast, secure, easy to use and cost effective. The tpsmydata platform offers batch processing, single lookup & API to ensure your telephone data remains compliant. We also provide number intelligence (Phone format validity, Line Type, Location and Original Carrier) to enrich your data.

eDynamix UK Limited
21 Wansbeck Workspace
Rotary Parkway
NE63 8QZ

Contact: Kim Smith-Cryer
Tel: 0845 413 0000
Email: k.smith@edynamix.com
Web: www.edynamix.com

eDynamix provide software solutions to the automotive industry including service plans, electronic vehicle health check solutions and direct marketing facilities

AsterLogic Limited
58 Roseway Avenue
M44 5GJ

Contact: Tim Lunt
Tel: 07557100968
Email: enquiries@asterlogic.co.uk
Web: https://tps.asterlogic.co.uk

Online Self-Service TPS and CTPS screening. Ultra modern and easy to use.

Experian Ltd
The Sir John Peace Building
Experian Way
NG2 Business Park
NG80 1ZZ

Contact: Mr William Shaw
Tel: 0845 234 0391
Email: marketing.services@experian.com
Web: www.experian.co.uk/marketing

Experian is the leading provider of marketing services in the UK and specialises in helping our clients recruit and retain profitable customers. Experians data management services combine over two decades of experience in managing and manipulating vast amounts of marketing data, leading edge technology, processing power and unrivaled data resources.

Nexbridge Communications Ltd
5th Floor Oxford Place
61 Oxford Street
M1 6EQ

Contact: Mr Mark King
Tel: 03456800800
Email: MLK@nexbridge.co.uk

Proven Works Limited
Reading Enterprise Centre
University of Reading
Earley Gate

Contact: Mr Damian Tomczik
Tel: 01183217405
Email: info@provenworks.com
Web: www.provenworks.com

ProvenWorks provides automated and interactive TPS and CTPS screening and notification with PhoneTools for Salesforce. Simplify your compliance.

RAPP Limited
Bankside Building 2
90 Southwark Street

Contact: Ms Cindy Hillier
Tel: 01342 336358
Email: cindy.hillier@uk.rapp.com
Web: www.uk.rapp.com

RAPP Ltd is a leader in the supply of customer management solutions and mailing services to the marketing communities of Europe and the U.S.A.

Selectabase Ltd
The Archive Centre
Honeywood Road
CT16 3EH

Contact: Mr James Flashman
Tel: 01304 383838
Email: enquiry@selectabase.co.uk
Web: www.selectabase.co.uk/services/tps-check/

EasyCheck from Selectabase helps you stay PECR and GDPR compliant with simple to use and instant TPS, CTPS & MPS checking services. Check one number at a time, or full lists 24/7 using our range of checking tools. Our experienced team at Selectabase have providing flexible and unique direct marketing solutions since 1995. As well as offering TPS etc checking services, data cleansing, and print and post services, we are also one of the UK’s leading supplier of b2b and b2c marketing lists. Contact our expert team today on 01304 383838.

Marketscan Ltd
8 Dukes Court
Bognor Road
West Sussex
PO19 8FX

Contact: Mr Adam Gould
Tel: 01243 786711
Email: info@marketscan.co.uk
Web: www.marketscan.co.uk

Marketscan’s mission is simple - to make data work for you. We have more than 35 years' experience in delivering award-winning B2B database marketing solutions to thousands of businesses throughout the UK. Our Data Cleansing services help to ensure that your campaigns and data complies with legal requirements. Our TPS/CTPS checker is available through our easy-to-use online system - Marketscan Online. Contact our expert team today to find out more.

Takepayments Limited
4th Floor Highbank House
Exchange Street

Contact: Ms Vanessa Littler
Tel: 01606 566600
Email: vanessa.littler@payzone.co.uk
Web: www.payzonecards.co.uk

'Silver Lined Solutions Ltd'
Unit 2
The Surridge Centre

Contact: Kirsty Barry
Tel: 01376 428007
Email: sales@silverlinedsolutions.com

Silver Lined Solutions Ltd provides both on demand and bulk screening services allowing simple processing of all phone numbers held in your Salesforce instance. For Salesforce list cleaning please get in touch at sales@silverlinedsolutions.com

Verso Group UK Ltd
(A Fusion BPO Group Company)
Suite 140, Westlink House
981 Great West Road

Contact: Mr Harsh Kedia
Tel: 01582 763 090
Email: Info@versogroup.co.uk
Web: http://www.versogroup.co.uk

121prodata Limited(SME}
1 Ashway
GL54 3PB

Contact: Mr Spencer Clarke
Tel: T:01451 860805
Email: spencer.clarke@121prodata.co.uk
Web: www.121prodata.co.uk

Fast, easy to use and low cost Online TPS and CTPS checker, API and Managed Service. Use our website to check single telephone numbers or lists of numbers 24/7/365 via a secure online account. For techies and non-techies alike! A free trial is available via the link on our home page or call us on 01451 860805. Our simple API enables you to automate TPS and CTPS checks via your CRM, data application or dialler. A personal Managed Service is available if you do not have the time to do-it-yourself. TPS and CTPS register lists are updated daily to help your organisation stay GDPR and PECR-compliant. You can access a history of all your checks online.

Hopewiser Ltd
2 Merlin Court
Atlantic Street
WA14 5NL

Contact: Mrs Diane Douglas
Tel: 0161 924 2800
Email: enquiries@hopewiser.com
Web: www.hopewiser.com