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Which Licence category is appropriate to my company?

There are 2 Licence categories which are dependent upon how you wish to receive the data.

Annual Data Supply - Annual Licence

Complete the application form if you know your company needs unlimited access to the full data via Web Download or a regular update every 28 days on any other media. You need to specify the data set you require as well as the medium you wish to use. Data will then be supplied automatically every 28 days. If you request access to the full data file via web download, you will be issued with dialling and security instructions.

Ad-Hoc Data Supply - Ad-Hoc Licence

For organisations who wish to receive the full or partial Data File on an ad-hoc (one off) basis. Complete the application form and a Data File Licence.

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Licence Type
Annual Licence
Adhoc Licence

Data Selection

Once you have supplied details of your selection an approximate count will be produced from the file and you will be invoiced accordingly, based on the following percentages:
File Type
Annual Fee
Full Data File
£2200 + VAT
£300 + VAT
Partial Data File (Upto 50% of the numbers)
£1920 + VAT
£230 + VAT
Partial Data File (Upto 25% of the numbers)
£880 + VAT
£220 + VAT
Partial Data File (Upto 5% of the numbers)
£340 + VAT
£50 + VAT
Partial Data File (Upto 1% of the numbers)
£230 + VAT
£30 + VAT
Full or Partial Data
Full Partial